1 Corinthians 15:20

Happy Good Friday, everyone. To celebrate the cult of our Lord, I had a bacon, sausage, and egg roll this morning. When Sweet Merciful Christ finally gets around to killing me from clogged arteries, I wonder to myself if they’ll have any pork in Hell. That you can eat.

I was wondering this because death is such an odd thing. For example, there was a short period of time where Bob Hope, Fidel Castro, and Ronal Regan were dead. On the other hand, this chick who was given up for dead five years ago was recently found alive in a closet. Fortunately, someone was already serving time for her “death”

Now, all I’m saying is this. If the media can be wrong about matters of life and death, how would I trust them for even two goddamn minutes with reports of the “just war?” If the penal system can put a man in prison for the “death” of a girl who was living less than a kilometer from her old house, how can I trust them with my security?

Hell, even Christ would have a hard time with that one. Fortunately, he has his followers to help him.

Have a Happy Easter, everyone.

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