OK, things have officially gotten out of hand.

Seriously, people; I think we need to get a grip. I can’t believe how much corporations are manipulating our stalwart and highly educated representatives, using their considerable monetary influence to get them to associate those who run counter to their interests “terrorists.” I’m going to quote Tycho on this one:
I won’t even gauge the clumsiness with which these two incongruous concepts [peer-to-peer and terrorism] are lashed together. If you want to see triple-x, explicit evidence of corporations with their hands up your government’s ass, working the their jaws like some malevolent Howdy Doody with chilling ramifications for personal liberty, well, there you go.

Do we really still believe that the US government acts in our best interest? Where’s the proof of this concept? Wherever I look, I can’t seem to find it, and I’ve kicked over some pretty big rocks. I’ve gotten so cynical that, whenever I hear anything concerning any government, I immediately begin to follow the money, looking for the reason why they are doing x, y, or z.

On NPR this morning, they were interviewing firefighters and policemen who were anxious to attack Iraq. When asked why, the following conversation took place:

Firefighter: I want him dead because he killed my best friend!
NPR reporter: Who?
FF: [confidently] Bin Laden
NR: [puzzled] But…uh…that’s Saddam Hussein over there.
FF: You don’t think THEY are all connected?

I was amused and horrified. First, I wondered, aren’t the NYPD and NYFD worried about an increase in terrorist attacks should we lay seige to Baghdad? Then, who is this “they” he’s referring to? And third, why would I believe the propoganda machine if it’s being manipulated by corporate entities, anyway?

My final conclusion was this: that we need a war because there’s money to be made, in oil and otherwise, and that we are willing to go through with an act that may propogate more terrorism because, like religion, fear is the new opiate of the masses.

I feel ill. I’m going to lie down.

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