My new vow… to you

You may have been wondering where I’ve been lately. Many people may think I’ve been with their collective moms; there’s some truth in that. But in reality, I’ve been over here, caressing and stroking my new business and hoping like hell it will get me to a point where I can just take it easy.

I am now a business owner and, though I thought it would be all diamond pinky rings, six martini lunches, and fat Cubans (the cigars, not the baseball players), it’s turning out to be a lot of what I like to call “work.” I can assure you my friends; if I had known that, I would have avoided that brass ring like a fucking plague.

So, what is my vow? First, to not go to the zoo; I’ve given that up for Lent. Second, however, is to publish not one, not two, but three times a week to my little blog, so that your empty little lives can be filled with the joie de vie that is my wit. In addition, I have given the illustrious HurricaneMasta the rights to enter and fill the pages of the illuminated manuscript that is this website.

Starting on March 17th, the good times will roll as they have never rolled before, with a triumverate (at least!) of posts for your viewing pleasure(s).

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