How Come You Never CALL Nobody!

Just where in the hell have you been, mister! you might say, tapping your foot as you glare down at me from the top of the porch. I’ve been worried sick!

Well, don’t fret, toots. I’ve been doing secretive things, things that will be revealed here in a few short days, with any luck. I’ve also been watching Kung Fu, going to dinner parties with the rich and famous JJ and Sunny and, uh, doing other stuff.

The long and short is that I’ve been pretty busy of late, which means that I’ve been leaving my logs untended, like a horrid garden choked with weeds. And the garden gnomes are moldy, and slugs have eaten the cauliflower, and… you get the idea. Even my old man is concerned. “I’m concerned,” he said, “with the ever-deepening silence!” That’s so philosophically mind blowing, I’m going to let you dwell on that for a little while, Basho-style.

Check back soon. I’ll be more loquacious, I swear. And stop glaring at me.

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