Compact Disc M.A.P. Antitrust Litigation

emoney drew my attention to the Oct 2002 cash settlement against the CD labels (details here and here). I checked Snopes! for more information, and it looks legit (do a search on “CD”; second article down at the time of this writing is the pertinent article).

You probably haven’t heard of the settlement because “If more than about 8.8 million people apply, in which case the per-person share would drop below $5, the customer part of the settlement is to be canceled because sending out such small checks would be too expensive.” You might not get the money, but if they go over the money is distributed to charity, so it’s tough to lose.

If you don’t feel like reading the briefs, the issue at bar essentially boils down to this: every US resident who bought a CD in the US between 1995 and 2000 is entitled to up to $20 from the music cartel as part of a court-mandated settlement over the labels’ illegal price-fixing, which is one way that the music industry has ripped off the public. Feel free to sign up

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