Roll Gershwin! Roll!!

[sung to the tune of "Summertime"]
And the givin’ is eaassy….
Just check my demands
And you’ll do fiiiinnneee….

So, it’s that time of year again. The time of year for Christmas joy and what-what. I’m personally in very good spirits this year, though foul New Jersey is trying desperately to get me down with its evilly stupid people and incredibly asinine traffic patterns. I’ve been here for well on a decade now, and I still don’t understand this place.

Ha ha on me for still being here.

We’ll be driving up to the Sunset Grill this weekend for some yards o’ beer, which are ludicrous and frightening to behold. I’ll be driving up the mighty korzak, e-money, and the much-sought-after Greginator, who will be leaving for the Down Under soon (though when he’s leaving is not certain). A melee of drinking and debauch is the order of the day, and I’m simply sleepwalking until the fun begins .

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